Our Mission


Place tucked away in the outer reaches of the of Sofia's broad center - the atmosphere benefits from being off the beaten paths of hunting pursuit of modern places and vanity.
Asia Hot Spot, as the name suggests, is a place specializes in Asian food, serves a delicious variety of authentic as well as unique Asian dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and make you want to come back for more. However, unlike other specialized Asian restaurants in Sofia, there is a lot of variety to other cuisines choose from as well.
To make this possible, we invest a lot of thought and time in research and experiment. After all, each dish has to be delicious and desirable. Our Asian recipes stand out due to their taste and presentability. As a final result, we want people to be happy that visited Asia Hot Spot.
We combine the culinary goodness of Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean and Vietnamese food to create a modern exotic platter.
Asia Hot Spot is one of the first places that goes by beyond the standard model Asian restaurant known in Bulgaria (mostly Chinese), model that is used by most of the other competitors in the industry.
Many efforts were made to find authentic Asian spices in order to avoid the use of substituents, best possible ingredients that can be found on the market.
No fussing, no "scam", just bold, streamlined food made with the best available ingredients and laser focus on flavour.
Our goal is to give Sofia and Bulgaria in general, this piece of the energy of Asia, representing an unlikely culinary equation, which found the answer and collected together under one roof - Asia Hot Spot.