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The menu


The Chef's menu is the perfect East&Southeast Asia adventure with a strong ethnic character. Cooked hot and cold Asian dishes include a great selection of the most popular types of cuisine - Shrimp Tempura, Peking Duck, Korean extra crispy wings, Pad Thai or Gongbao Chicken, Tartare, Tataki and unique Asian soups are just a few of the world's icons of Asian kitchen, you can find us.
Sushi menu is almost a direct replica of it at little brother "Sushi Express" popular in sushi guild as a top-notch restaurant with very reasonable prices.
The menu includes traditional sushi and sashimi and a variety of special rolls.
Whether you love poultry, meat, seafood or indulge only vegetarian food, you will come back content about having had a great meal and a relaxing time.
Want to relax with a drink or a cup of coffee, why not tea? The restaurant has a well-stocked bar with sufficient collection of wine, beer and liquors.
We in Asia Hot Spot has left no stone unturned to make your visit to this restaurant a real pure pleasure!