Interior & Convenience


Asia Hot Spot welcomes you to its sunshine house where spirited hues work well for the mood and the appetite. Offering modern and airy interior with high ceilings, open kitchen and show-cooking sushi bar, making it a whole new world dining experience that is both lavish, spectacular and casual. So here in this merry setting, we serve not only food for the body but food for the soul. 
The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable with positive energy and is a great place for conversation and a good time. The restaurant can accommodate large groups comfortably while creating a cozy atmosphere for couples as well. 
Sitting at the sushi bar, you can not only enjoy and make sure in the highest quality seafood, but also to the pure pleasure of watching the chefs who work in front of your eyes. Sitting on the bars at the windows, the atmosphere will carry you in dream locations, sipping a glass of wine or Japanese beer, and why not a dessert for a company of your afternoon outside the office or home?