About us

Asia Hot Spot is the new place for Asian cuisine in Sofia. The founder of Asia Hot Spot is Sushi Express – the brand for sushi and sushi delivery for the last six years. Asia Hot Spot is the logical next step from Sushi Express - menus of the restaurants are enriched by more iconic hot and cold dishes from Asian cuisine. Our idea is to offer more variety and specialties to sushi fans. The other restaurants under the brand Sushi Express, offering hot Asian cuisine will also be renamed to Asia Hot Spot, and will continue with the sushi and hot Asian cuisine delivery. The unique about every Asia Hot Spot restaurant will be the special “chef-menu”, individual and available at the restaurants. The first restaurant under the Asia Hot Spot brand is located at bul. Gotse Delchev, bl. 15, where by enjoying the specialties created by the chef and influenced by the delightful atmosphere you will become part of the Asia spirit. As a logical next step the location “ Nikolay Kopernik street 25” will also become part of the Asia Hot Spot chain. The Sushi Express location “Praga Boulevard 20” will remain under the Sushi Express brand.